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Welcome to Clans of the Sky! We have officially reopened! Be sure if you are an older member to state this in your bio, all current members we advise you to finish putting up your character bio's so it doesn't cause confusion to our new members. Roleplay is in full bloom! New member's if your confused about anything be sure to shoot one of the staff members a pm! We welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay! Last Updated: October 8th, 2016
The day's are getting short and morning's have more of a bite to them which means Leaf-fall is here and soon Leaf-bare! Hurry up medicine cats! Make sure you stock up on herbs and plants for leaf-bare, wouldn't want to have a green-cough breakout, now would we?
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PostSubject: Bluefrost of EagleClan   Bluefrost of EagleClan EmptySat Sep 24, 2016 6:04 pm


40 moons



Breed of Cat:
Purebred Ragdoll

Primary Clan:

Secondary Clan:

Wanted Rank:

Bluefrost wasn't born in the clans like most other deputies, instead she was born as a Kittypet. Her mother, Aria was a show cat and won continually throughout her lifespan, she was a well known show cat and she was often referred as The Champion. Bluefrost's father was another show cat from another ragdoll breeder. Like most studs he hardly spent time with Blue's litter since he was too busy breeding with others or winning shows, but he always seemed to make time for Blue. Blue was born in a litter of three, her being the middle child. She has one sister and one brother, who later go off and do their own. Blue's sister, Zali was a proud and smug, just like their mother. She grew up as the oldest and always picking on Blue and their brother. Bluefrost's Kittypet name was Blue, she was named by her beautiful crystalline blue eyes. Blues brother Tony grew up protecting Blue from their mother and sisters harsh words. By breeder standards Blue was the "perfect" ragdoll. Calm, proud, clear blue eyes, gentle, graceful, and all those other qualities, her only downfall was her size. But it was because of this that her mother and sister bullied and picked on her, not because she was small, but because she was the center of attention. By six moons Blue had already won her first contest with a blue ribbon. By 12 moons Blue had one 24 contest in first place with her sister and mother right behind her. This only made things worse for poor Blue as her mother and sister resorted to more violent ways. Nothing never got too serious as Blue's brother, Tony would always come in the nick-of-time.

By 24 moons, Blue was the new champion with all the added stress of courting toms wanting to have a go at her. However, there was one tom that caught her attention. His name was Dorian, he was a handsom tom and came from a long bloodline of purebred champion ragdolls. Despite his looks his personality was as black as his heart. Yet Blue persisted in him despite all her brother and fathers worried warnings. Dorian never cared for Blue and no matter how much he reassured Blue she knew otherwise. But Blue was infatuated and loyal, so she stayed by his side. One day Blue went to the vets to check what's wrong with her as she was feeling sick as of late. It was there she learned she was expecting. She was so happy and excited to tell Dorian and thought maybe she would finally get his love and affection. Oh how wrong she was.

Blue was let out of her cage when she got home, she wasted no time in going outside and towards Dorians mansion sized house. She went through his Kittypet door and looked around for him. She found him alright, only not alone. He was with her sister! Outraged she attacked them in the middle of their courting, giving her sister a few nasty gashes that would surely give her scars. Dorian managed to hurl her away before standing over Zali protectively, but not before Blue gave him a notch in the ear and a scar over his left eye and a torn nose. Being so small Blue was easily thrown off her sister. She soared in the air before landing wrong on her stomache, this later caused her to have a misscariage. Dorian hissed his insults and said Zali was carrying his kits and that he hated her and wanted nothing to do with her. Blue hurt and in pain emotionally and physically never told him about her expecting, he wouldn't have listened to her anyway. Blue made her way home bloody and in pain, her two-legs saw her wounded and brought her to the vet again to see if the kits were okay. Sadly the kits didn't make it and the vet said that Blue would more than likely never be able to have kits again and if she did the pregnancy and birth would bring complications. When her two-legs heard this they took her to an alley way and abandoned her there. After all what breeder would want a barren or unhealthy cat? Blue scared and confused traveled on her own, slowly starving until she found herself in EagleClan territory. There she met Purestar who at the time was deputy with her mate as Clan leader. There Purestar gave Blue a new home, a new purpose in life.

It was hard at first as the clan bullied her for her small size and being a Kittypet, but Blue never gave up. Purestar was her mentor so the two naturally became close friends. On the day of Blue's warrior ceremony she became known as Bluefrost for her determination and frosty words when she was bullied by the other cats of the Clan. Many moons passed and Purestar became clan leader after her mates disapearence and made Bluefrost the Clans deputy after the previous Clans deputies death by black-cough.

Bluefrost is an over all white colored cat with long enough fur to survive the bitter mornings and nights in EagleClan. She is a rather small cat as she was the runt in her litter, however her sharp mind and quick tongue make up for her lack in size and muscle. She has that slim lanky feminine build. Like her name suggests her eyes are a dark ocean blue, thus the Blue prefix in her name. Her face is covered in a mask of creamish fur with a dark brown here and there. Her tail is an all smokey brown mixed in with the white fur of her back and hindquarters. Despite her size she has a frosty personality thus her name is frost as a suffix. Her front paws and legs are brown with darker stripes of brown and creamish white fur mixed in. She is an overall graceful and beautiful she-cat.


Quick-minded- Bluefrost has a sharp mind and because of that she makes an ideal deputy. Her quick-mind allows her to come up with good problem solving and easy for her to make quick decisions without many casualties.

Compassionate- Being passionate for your passions can make you a determined feline. Bluefrost is passionate about her clan and following the worrier code. This can make her a bit of a dreamer as she always has ideas coming to mind that aren't really realistic to actually accomplish, however this doesn't stop her from day dreaming.

Mother-bird Bluefrost loves kits and spending time with them, she takes almost anything under her wing. She might have become a mother and she wishes for her own kits, but she often doubts Starclan would bless her with such. So she improvises with others kits. She has a nurturing vibe to her and it often makes cats of different ages come to her for guidance or for her opinions on things. She loves caring for others.

Frosty- When needed Bluefrost knows when to be opposing and her sharp-tounge helps with that. With her sharp mind she can often come up with cleaver and witty remarks.

Theme Song:
None as of right now

How did you find us?:
Helped create it.

Roleplay Example:
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PostSubject: Re: Bluefrost of EagleClan   Bluefrost of EagleClan EmptySat Sep 24, 2016 6:13 pm

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Bluefrost of EagleClan
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