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Welcome to Clans of the Sky! We have officially reopened! Be sure if you are an older member to state this in your bio, all current members we advise you to finish putting up your character bio's so it doesn't cause confusion to our new members. Roleplay is in full bloom! New member's if your confused about anything be sure to shoot one of the staff members a pm! We welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay! Last Updated: October 8th, 2016
The day's are getting short and morning's have more of a bite to them which means Leaf-fall is here and soon Leaf-bare! Hurry up medicine cats! Make sure you stock up on herbs and plants for leaf-bare, wouldn't want to have a green-cough breakout, now would we?
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PostSubject: Crookedstep of Owlclan   Crookedstep of Owlclan EmptySat Sep 24, 2016 10:39 pm

Name: Crookedstep
Age: 26 Moons
Gender: Male
Breed of Cat: Manx X American Shorthair

Primary Clan: OwlClan
Secondary Clan: Eagleclan
Wanted Rank: Warrior

Crookedstep was born a loner and lived a relatively simple life up until it was time to set off on his own. His original name had been Ink. His mother and father had taught him how to hunt and a little bit of self defense before they sent him out, but had always stressed to him that he should never fight unless it was his last resort and escape wasn't an option. He had hardly set up in a barn he had found a few miles from his parents when he heard a fight outside. One was an old scarred tomcat, who appeared to be losing, and the winning feline was much younger, obviously in better shape than the old tomcat. As the fight went on it became more apparent that both cats intended to kill their opponent, so to save a life, Ink decided to intervene. He didn't know it at the time, but it was the worst mistake he would ever make in his life. He waited for one cat to pin the other, to no one's surprise, the elder tom was pinned by the younger one. At the last second Ink sprung from the bushes and pulled the young tom off, beating him back until he ran away. The old tom was extremely grateful to young Ink for saving his life and invited him back to his home, telling him that he and a few friends lived together and that he could join them if he wished. Of course Ink accepted, a few friends in this world never hurt. Once he reached the main camp he figured out that "a few" meant somewhere around twenty cats. Not only that, but there wasn't a single one that didn't have a scar of some kind on them. Ink spent many moons with this group, and at his young age they easily molded him into what they wanted out of a cat. The contrast of what he had been taught from what they were now teaching him was great. If you ran from a fight you were hunted down and torn apart. And killing an enemy's kit was seen as a great honor. If you showed mercy you were shown none. There were no rules, but they were well organized and all held a similar mindset.

Crookedstep grew to be a large and powerful warrior, he was respected by all, and anyone who disrespected him never saw the next sunrise. The leader began growing tired of his antics and felt threatened by his authority over those who used to follow him. The leader had grown old and weak, and everyone knew it, but no one dared challenge him. Ink had no intention of overthrowing the leader, at that point in his life he had been happy. He had a mate, and many kits to keep fed. Butthatallchangedwhenthefirenationattacked The leader didn't seem to care and made very malicious plans to bring harm to Ink and his family. Crookedstep's informants told him of this, of course, but what was he to do about it? Run? Never. He would stay and fight till his last breath. It was this thinking that got his entire family slaughtered the very next day. They'd even managed to find his parents to throw them in the pile. Ink was chased out of the camp after the initial shock of seeing everyone he loved dead subsided he was chased out of the camp, and it was the first time he had ever followed his parents' advice. He ran faster and farther than he ever had in his life. After that he just drifted around for a while and adopted a new lifestyle, just live and let be.

He found himself in a small town and began hearing rumors of groups of cats in the woods. The soft cats that lived with their caretakers weren't much help, and he was unsure if the cats were hostile or not, so Ink lurked in the shadows near the borders. He was good about staying far enough away and for the most part stayed downwind of the patrols while he observed. He could tell that they were organized, proud, and well trained by the way the cats on the patrols held themselves. This held true for each of the different groups he watched. The cats in each of the different territories were well suited to wherever they lived. Staying outside only sated his curiosity for a short while, at most a moon, before he gained the desire to venture inside. He wasn't fond of water and didn't enjoy the openness of the moors, so he didn't risk venturing into their territory, but the mountain and forest cats interested him. He enjoyed climbing and high places, as well as the cover that rocks and trees gave. First he ventured into the forest, he enjoyed springy grass and brush more than he did hard rock on his paws. He avoided the ground and ran through the trees, it was the middle of summer and the prey seemed abundant despite the hot temperatures. He had eventually seen everything that he wanted to and began to make his way out, leaping from tree to tree as fast as he could. He wasn't anxious, he was actually fairly relaxed, he just wanted to run. So he ran, and right as he hit the border one of his paws slipped on a branch. Everything slowed down as adrenaline shot through his body. The branch had no bark and it was impossible to regain a foothold in the amount of time he had. His chin hit hard against the wood, stunning him as he fell to the side. One paw shot out in an attempt to hold on, but all he succeeded in doing was ripping out a few claws before he fell. He hit the ground with a soft thud, escaping with a sprained leg and a few lacerations from the branches that had whipped him on the way down. He knew he couldn't treat this by himself, he had no idea what was wrong let alone how to fix it. All he knew was that his leg hurt, and there was probably someone close that could take him somewhere to have it fixed. So he started making loud obnoxious noises until someone showed up to escort him inside. When asked what had happened he simple said "Fell." and that was that. No one needed to know of his trespassing. Ink told them nothing of himself as he was being patched up, only his name and that he wished to join the cats. He was accepted with open paws and given his new name after being assessed.

Crookedstep's original name, Ink, was very fitting. His fur simply looks like someone took and inkwell and poured it over his back before splattering him with it. The only thing that doesn't account for is his black muzzle. His fur is moderately long, long enough to cover his scars, but not long enough to be a nuisance. Body-wise he's huge and bulky, a very powerful and skilled fighter though he prefers peaceful solutions nowadays. His eyes are green with a bit of a blue tinge.

He may look threatening, but Crookedstep is really just a big sweetheart. He swore off violence long ago after the incident and now really just wants a modest life, though he still wishes to contribute to something, and loves the safety that comes with belonging to a large group. He tries to avoid kits, as they tend to make him a bit emotional at times. Crookedstep follows orders very well and once he's given a task he doesn't ask questions and always tries to accomplish it in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Theme Song:

How did you find us?:
Been here for a while.
Roleplay Example:
It was early morning in the forest and the leaves on the ground were coated in a thin layer of frost. Crookedstep preferred the night to the early morning, but the prey would be getting scarce soon and he needed to fatten up while he had the chance. He took to the trees to escape the faint crunching of the leaves and frozen grasses. Once he had finally found a sturdy branch to rest on he began to take in his surroundings. Birds song filled the air, beautifully in sync with the gentle breeze that rustled the leaves. For a moment he became lost in the beautiful and serene sounds of the forest, relaxing with the sun on his back and the chilly morning breeze against his face.
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PostSubject: Re: Crookedstep of Owlclan   Crookedstep of Owlclan EmptySat Sep 24, 2016 11:50 pm

Crookedstep of Owlclan 2ivh2yh

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Crookedstep of Owlclan
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