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 New Deputy of HawkClan! [Mandatory for ALL HC]

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PostSubject: New Deputy of HawkClan! [Mandatory for ALL HC]   Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:44 pm

~AmberStar of HawkClan~

| AmberStar's Bio|

AmberStar climbed on top of the High Tree. She gracefully balanced on the thickest branch and remained standing. Her amber eyes scanned the clearing for a cat in particular, but she didn't see the cat. However, she didn't frown---all she had to do was call out to her clan. "All cats who can hunt their own prey please gather under the High Tree for a clan meeting!" When she saw the cats in her clan appear, she smiled lightly. It's been a while since she saw her old deputy. She waited for him to appear one sunrise, but that didn't happen. It was time for her to choose another one. With experience as a leader, she decided to choose someone who complemented her rather than not. She wanted someone who was fair, calm, and responsible. There was only one cat who was available that possessed the qualities. The orange she cat didn't spend much time with the cat as she liked, but perhaps they can have more times together some day. Just to get to know more of one another. "I say these words before StarClan, that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. The new deputy of HawkClan is Stagwhisker!"  

Made by @Shadow


Made by the wonderful Masquerade. <3
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PostSubject: Re: New Deputy of HawkClan! [Mandatory for ALL HC]   Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:13 pm

Stagwhisker had woken early this particular sunrise. The tom had been rather busy patrolling the borders vigorously last sunrise, watching to ensure that no enemies dared to creep across. The male's hunting efforts at the borders had been pleasing; bringing back a variety of different pieces of prey for the clan. His patrolling efforts had left him tired, meaning his sleep was deep and replenishing.

As he woke, he stretched his long muscled limbs and made his way into the busying camp. There were a lot of brown and faded yellow leaves scattered among the forest. Leaf-fall was heavy in motion, like a round queen late into her pregnancy. The trees were becoming bare, scarce of their cover. He spent some time early in the morning out hunting. Unfortunately, he had returned with a mouse and nothing more. It was a poor start, but he believed he'd be able to catch more as the sunrise progressed.

As the tabby was placing down the rounded gray mouse, he heard the summons of Amberstar. A ceremony or announcements of sorts was about to take place. The male was not aware of any young kits in the clan, aside from maybe Ignitingshade and his siblings. He dismissed the thought quickly and sat down at the base of the high-tree, listening to the leader.

It quickly dawned upon the warrior that this was no regular ceremony, no, but a deputy ceremony. Stagwhisker had never been aiming for the role. However, when the former deputy seemingly disappeared, the idea of becoming a deputy became increasingly appealing. Stagwhisker was in no rush, nor such persistence to get the role. However, if it happened, he'd be excited and grateful nevertheless.

Stagwhisker sat with his tail wrapped neatly across his white tipped paws. His eyes fixated on the pretty flame colored feline. He wanted to spend more time with her, get to know her a little better. But, she was a busy she-cat, and as was he with his duties.

The new deputy of HawkClan will be Stagwhisker. At first the tom seemed a little baffled. Had he heard the name correctly? He could suddenly feel eyes shift towards him and he knew that he indeed had. The white and brown tabby slowly stood up, smiling gratefully towards Amberstar and the other warriors of the clan. It was a true honor, and he was determined to work hard for his leader. I promise, I won't let you down, Amberstar.

OOC: OMG. THIS IS WHAT YOU MEANT. <3 Squee! Thank you!

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PostSubject: Re: New Deputy of HawkClan! [Mandatory for ALL HC]   Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:08 pm

Otterfern had stepped out gracefully into the clearing, the sun bleary with waves of heat in the sky. So perfectly rounded it was. She hissed at it, glaring annoyingly into her green eyes. She hopped out into the center, where Amberstar had called a clan meeting. She gave a yawn, then realized that this would be important. It must be. Otterfern watched the headstrong ginger she-cat, the most youthful of all the leaders, yowl the words.


Otterfern had thought she'd be upset. She truly thought she would be. But she wasn't surprised, nor indignant. This was an excellent choice for deputy. Though she didn't quite know Stagwhisker, she knew that he was strong and worthy of the position. Otterfern purred.

OOC: Like my Stagfoot from one of my stories! Stagwhisker will make a great deputy, great job Butterfly! Very Happy



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PostSubject: Re: New Deputy of HawkClan! [Mandatory for ALL HC]   Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:31 pm

Ignitingshade watched as Amberstar leaped up to the High Tree and called a clan meeting. Wonder what this is about... He thought before he got up and from his laying position in the shade before he stalked to the high tree. He sat down and watched as more and more cats joined and watched Amberstar, waiting for her to explain why she called the meeting. Whatever it is it better be good, the black tom thought to himself. Just as the last few cats joined as well as the medicine cat apprentice, Mosspaw join Amberstar called out and explained that the meeting was for announcing the new clans deputy. Ignitingshade vaguely remembered their previous deputy, however he was just a young kit at the time and his recollection of the cat was faint and spars. He supposed that was a good thing considering he heard bad stories about the previous HawkClan deputy. Stagwhisker? He supposed that was a good choice, better than the other options, which was few and sparse. Once the clan concluded the black cat got up and went back to the shade.

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PostSubject: Re: New Deputy of HawkClan! [Mandatory for ALL HC]   Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:03 pm

Silverbrook lifted his head when Amberstar had called a meeting. Getting to his paws, the feline stretched and padded towards the gathering. He thought he knew what it was about; the clan had been needing a deputy. The male's mint-green eyes scanned the gathered cats. 'Who will it be...?' the tom wondered. There were a few felines he figured were suitable candidates. When Stagwhisker was announced to be the new HawkClan deputy, the feline nodded slightly. The warrior was very worthy of the position - Amberstar chose wisely. Silverbrook smiled to himself and flicked his tail; HawkClan had a deputy again. 'I'll have to congratulate him,' the medicine cat told himself, his tail neatly wrapping around his paws.

(OOC: Blah post. Haven't been having much muse lately. ._.)

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PostSubject: Re: New Deputy of HawkClan! [Mandatory for ALL HC]   Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:54 am

The leaders calling for a clan meeting disturbed her from her internal thoughts, she'd fallen into the dangerous trap of reminiscing of times past. Shaking her head a little, whiskers flicking she gathered with the others, This must be something to do with the new deputy, we've been without one for what seems like moons there were plenty of good candidates in the clan although she had never considered herself one. When stagwhisker was chosen a sense of relief fell over her, they had a deputy again, it was one more thing off of everyones minds and with leaf-bare coming it would be best for as little stress as possible. She would go and congratulate him after everyone else had mobbed him, it was likely he'd be overwhelmed for a little while with all of his new responsibilities and she didn't exactly care to be an extra pain in the tail for him. So instead she smiled slightly, pale colored eyes shining with happiness for the newly named deputy

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PostSubject: Re: New Deputy of HawkClan! [Mandatory for ALL HC]   

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New Deputy of HawkClan! [Mandatory for ALL HC]
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