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Welcome to Clans of the Sky! We have officially reopened! Be sure if you are an older member to state this in your bio, all current members we advise you to finish putting up your character bio's so it doesn't cause confusion to our new members. Roleplay is in full bloom! New member's if your confused about anything be sure to shoot one of the staff members a pm! We welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay! Last Updated: October 8th, 2016
The day's are getting short and morning's have more of a bite to them which means Leaf-fall is here and soon Leaf-bare! Hurry up medicine cats! Make sure you stock up on herbs and plants for leaf-bare, wouldn't want to have a green-cough breakout, now would we?
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Name: Butterflywing
Age: 20 moons old.
Gender: Female.
Breed of Cat: Unknown - she is large in build, so it is possible maine coon. But, it is not certain.
Primary Clan: EagleClan.
Secondary Clan: VultureClan.
Wanted Rank: Warrior.
History Butterflywing had a relatively simple upbringing. Oddly enough she remembers some of it despite being so young. Butterflywing was the product of a nameless, unknown tom and Morningbreeze (a fluffy ginger she-cat). Mother never did reveal who sired her kits. It was a secret she for some reason kept and one which she took to StarClan. Morningbreeze had two kits - Willowkit and Butterflykit (later wing) Willowkit was born blind, presumably a poor twist of fate for the young she-kit. The kit was destined to be a medicine cat, for she was not deemed suitable for the challenges the warrior-hood path provided. Luckily for Willowkit, she had excellent senses to make up for her lack of sight. Willowkit however never did reach apprenticeship as when the kits were at the age of 5 moons, a deadly dose of White/Greencough swept throughout the clan. Willowkit contracted the sickness and did not manage to survive. Morningbreeze and her little daughter, Butterflykit (at the time) managed to somehow dodge the illness.

Butterflywing became an apprentice at 6 moons old. The she-cat received an average mentor; Ferntail. Ferntail was a strict she-cat who tolerated nothing but the best. Butterflypaw/wing struggled through her training, but never held the high expectations against her mentor as she knew Ferntail simply wanted her to become an excellent warrior. 8 moons passed rather uneventfully. There were the occasional border skirmish and the odd battle here and there. Butterflywing took part in everything that came her way. The she-cat was always eager to do her part, to prove herself to EagleClan. It did not take the young feline long to become a warrior.

Moons later..That's when the illness became apparent. The feline watched as her mother - Morningbreeze, became ill with a horrible sickness. The same sickness that had claimed Willowkit many moons prior. Morningbreeze did not survive.

Description: Butterflywing has long, soft to touch cream colored fur with red tabby streaks patterning her body. The she-cat is relatively large in size, a feathered tail and broad shoulders. The she-cat has bright amber eyes.

Personality: Butterflywing is overall very friendly and very caring. She feels both empathy and sympathy for those around her. Her loyalty to her clan runs deep; willing to sacrifice anything to save them or assist them, if needed be. Her clan will always come first before the wellness of others. She takes the warrior-code seriously, sticking to it like mouse-bile to pelt; she would never dare break it even if she is tempted.

She is detail orientated and calculating; often planning ahead and noticing the smaller details or flaws in plans or tactics. This strategist outlook does often give Butterflywing a rather cold seeming persona at times, especially as she takes details and plans very seriously.

Butterflywing is strong-willed and elegant, always putting 100% of her effort into a task, regardless of what it is. She does most tasks or activities with elegance and a spring in her step. She is cheerful and diligent. Butterflywing is usually good under pressure, able to think logically and quickly when needed.

Butterflywing however is rather dignified in that she dislikes admitting when she is wrong. Butterflywing is also a rather jealous she-cat; she becomes envious of others easily and can become irritated as a result. Once irritated, Butterflywing is not too unpleasant to be around as she usually will just try to handle things maturely by dismissing her feelings or by ignoring the cat she is irritable with.

Theme Song:
How did you find us?:
Roleplay Example: Butterflywing's sunrise had began like any usual sunrise. She had woken up just as the reddish orange sun peaked above the tree-tops. There were smudges of dark gray and blue clouds that had slowly dissipated as the sunrise progressed. The warrior had been out hunting in the rivers at lurked scattered throughout the terrain. She had caught one item of prey! Specifically, a small mouse. The feline had studied the kill curiously before burying it and continuing on her way. The she-cat had other luck, catching small lizards and other rodents, but alas nothing more. Butterflywing made journey's back to the camp to drop off her prey.

Butterflywing had felt rather alone since the sickness had swept through the clan. Often the warrior tried not to let the pain and agony drain her too much. But, it was hard. The moment played over in her mind many times. There was no way she could have stopped her mother from getting sick and dying because of the illness.

The fluffy warrior slowly released a sigh as she padded through the territory. It was well passed sun-high now. The sun would be turning down soon enough and dusk would be among them very shortly. The warrior padded through the territory, her head turning from left to right as she checked to ensure no dangers lurked within the grounds of EagleClan.
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PostSubject: Re: BUTTERFLYWING - EAGLECLAN   BUTTERFLYWING - EAGLECLAN EmptySun Sep 25, 2016 10:04 am


My Characters:
Foldedleaf- Medicine Cat of Vultureclan
Crookedstep- Warrior of Owlclan
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