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 Stagwhisker of HawkClan

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PostSubject: Stagwhisker of HawkClan   Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:40 am

Name: Stagwhisker
Age: 26 moons old.
Gender: Male
Breed of Cat: Regular domestic cat (wild cat).
Primary Clan: HawkClan.
Secondary Clan: VultureClan.
Wanted Rank: Warrior. -totally isn't planning on throwing this guy into an audition for HawkClan deputy if one comes up-
History (I'm not sure if I can do this; so staff, let me know if I can't and will edit).
Stagwhisker was born into HawkClan; the result of a loving mated pair. Doetail (a pure brown she-cat with pale green eyes) and Cloudedthroat (a stormy gray tabby tom with yellow eyes) grew up together as kits. They were born into separate litters but were apprenticed together, and even made a warrior alongside each other. The two were inseparable, and so when they finally became mates, there was no shock. Doetail was expecting 6 moons after the two became mates. At this stage, Cloudedtail had received his first apprentice and was truly underway to becoming one of the clan's greatest warriors. A new apprentice and kits on the way? What could go wrong. Doetail's birth however was far from a happy sight. The medicine cat was rushed into the scene as Doetail began to loose a lot of blood. Two of the kits were still-born, while the final male was the only one to be born moving and breathing. Doetail died that sunrise due to blood-loss. The brown she-cat left behind a single tom, who Cloudedthroat named Stagkit. Cloudedthroat was destroyed at his mate's death, but was determined in spending as much time as he could with his newborn son. Cloudedthroat still wanted to be a good father and cherish his son, as Doetail would have wanted. When Stagpaw reached 7 moons old, however, there was a skirmish that occurred at the borders. Cloudedthroat was first on scene. Stagpaw wanted desperately to assist his father and the big warriors at the border, but had recently stepped on a sharp thorn, so was bound to stay back at camp until it was looking a little better. Cloudedthroat however did not return. The news spread quickly. Cloudedthroat had died at the paws of an enemy from another clan. Stagpaw mourned for moons, struggling to overcome the loss of his father. Eventually it lessened, and eventually he became a warrior and had his own apprentices. Stagwhisker still occasionally thinks about his family, but it is not as heartbreaking as it once was.
Description: Stagwhisker has a relatively muscled build. He has strong broad shoulders and a long, lean body. He slightly above average in size. The tom's overall structure large and beefy, to that of a stag's. Stagwhisker has short, brown fur, that's soft to touch with a white underbelly and paws. Stagwhisker has pale amber, yellow eyes.

Friendly and cunning
Stagwhisker is overall a friendly tom. He is kind and respectful around the clan, even if he occasionally appears a little too proud at times. The tom would never intentionally betray or hurt those he knows and cares for in his clan.

Claws instead of diplomacy
This tom is relatively skilled in terms of tactics and practices - believing that battle is generally the best way to solve any situation regarding the enemy clans. Stagwhisker is not afraid to get his paws soaked in blood or engage in violence if he feels it'll achieve what needs to be done. He is the type to use conflict rather than diplomatic prowess.

Easily persuaded
Stagwhisker isn't a stubborn tom - he is easily lead and easily able to be persuaded. He fosters a large amount of loyalty to his clan and his family however and would never betray them, even if persuaded.

Friendly rule maker
This tom is generally a friendly fellow, but he does have some ideals which may make him appear colder or darker than most others. He respects the warrior code, but isn't afraid to follow his own rules instead of.

Stagwhisker is a rather cunning and flirtatious male. He is smooth and sly in his act, and enjoys the banter between she-cats and himself. The tom may even extend his actions towards fellow males; but it's rare. The tom's flirting is generally rather harmless, and it does not mean he has interest in that specific cat.

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PostSubject: Re: Stagwhisker of HawkClan   Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:10 am

Your history is fine.

Bluefrost||EagleClan Deputy|30 Moons|Mateless
Mosspaw||HawkClan Med. Cat Apprentice|17 moons|Mateless
Finchkit||Kit of OwlClan |5 moons|Mateless
Jumppaw||Apprentice of EagleClan|6 moons|Mateless
Ravenstar||Leader of VultureClan|27 moons|Sootblaze
Ignitingshade||Warrior of HawkClan|19 moons|Mateless
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Stagwhisker of HawkClan
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