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Welcome to Clans of the Sky! We have officially reopened! Be sure if you are an older member to state this in your bio, all current members we advise you to finish putting up your character bio's so it doesn't cause confusion to our new members. Roleplay is in full bloom! New member's if your confused about anything be sure to shoot one of the staff members a pm! We welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay! Last Updated: October 8th, 2016
The day's are getting short and morning's have more of a bite to them which means Leaf-fall is here and soon Leaf-bare! Hurry up medicine cats! Make sure you stock up on herbs and plants for leaf-bare, wouldn't want to have a green-cough breakout, now would we?
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 Jumppaw of EagleClan

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Relations: Sootblaze (mate) & Silentsong(adopted son)

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PostSubject: Jumppaw of EagleClan   Jumppaw of EagleClan EmptyMon Sep 26, 2016 9:37 am


6 moons



Breed of Cat:
Norwegian Forest mix

Primary Clan:

Secondary Clan:

Wanted Rank:

Jumppaw was born in a litter of two with his sister Quickkit. Their mother, Purestar had complications during the birthing process and bled out, resulting in her losing a life. Jumppaw never knew his father as he went missing, however he's been told that he was a mighty and well respected leader.

Jumppaw, much like his mother is a stormy grey Tim with darker grey tabby markings along his face, neck, legs, back, and sides. His tail is an all black color with a lighter grey color on the underside of his tail. Jumppaw has long fur, long enough to survive the bitter mornings, but short enough to not get matted and be a nausince to the little tom. Despite coming from a large breed of cat, Jumppaw has his mothers size. He is smaller than the average Norwegian Forest tom, but just large enough to suepast his mothers height. His longer fur doesn't make him look any bigger, it actually makes him look smaller than he actually is. He has chilling blue eyes that are as blue as the sky, they are full of mirth and childlike curiosity. Like his name suggests, Jumppaw loves to jump hop, bound, and leap and hardly ever walks.

Hyper - Jumppaw is an energetic feline who is constantly moving since he cant keep his energy contained. This can pose as a problem as he often times gets distracted easily and has a short attention span. If he isn't doing something he tends to start asking a lot of questions and can get annoying very easily.

Bubbly - Like the trait suggests, Jumppaw is a bubbly character. He seems to always be happy and hardly anything can get his mood down, even when he's being scolded. He just takes everything at him in stride and happily.

Goofball - Jumppaw is a big goofball. He absolutely loves making cats laugh and enjoy life and will go to the extremes just to make you laugh at one of his antics. He loves rough housing with his sister or other cats in general, even if he's not very good at it.

Helpful - Jumppaw enjoys helping others, even when they don't want his help. He is persistent and will keep bugging you until you give in and let him help you do what-ever it maybe.

Jealous - Jumppaw is, let's say, a very jealous feline when attention isnt focused on him and him only. One of the down sides to his otherwise great personality. He abhors it when cats ignore him and focus their attention on someone else. He can be very sarcastic and distant until you apologize for not paying attention to him. That or you could wait it out until he can't stand being away from you any longer.

Brave - Jumppaw may not be the smartest and tactical cat in the Clan, but he is one of the bravest and kindest warriors you'll ever meet in your life time. He would risk his life for his friends, family, and most importantly his clan. After all whose a warrior when there is no clan to defend?

Smart - Jumppaw may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is a quick learner and has something similar to a photographic memory. He catches on quick and is a reliable partner in crime.

Curious - Despite being an apprentice Jumppaw still has his kit like curiosity of the world and perceives the world with a kit like innocence. He can be easily fooled and manipulated.

Miscivious - Like all apprentices, Jumppaw is no different when it comes to being rebellious and go out looking for trouble to prove he's capable of becoming a great warrior.

Theme Song: -
How did you find us?: -
Tagged Staff:
@Valérie @Frost
Roleplay Example: -

Bluefrost||EagleClan Deputy|30 Moons|Mateless
Mosspaw||HawkClan Med. Cat Apprentice|17 moons|Mateless
Finchkit||Kit of OwlClan |5 moons|Mateless
Jumppaw||Apprentice of EagleClan|6 moons|Mateless
Ravenstar||Leader of VultureClan|27 moons|Sootblaze
Ignitingshade||Warrior of HawkClan|19 moons|Mateless
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PostSubject: Re: Jumppaw of EagleClan   Jumppaw of EagleClan EmptyMon Sep 26, 2016 5:58 pm

Jumppaw of EagleClan 2ivh2yh

My Characters:
Foldedleaf- Medicine Cat of Vultureclan
Crookedstep- Warrior of Owlclan
Lynxstride- Warrior of Hawkclan
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Jumppaw of EagleClan
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