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 Ignitingshade of HawkClan

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PostSubject: Ignitingshade of HawkClan    Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:42 am


19 Moons



Breed of Cat:

Primary Clan:

Secondary Clan:

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Ignitingshade was born and raised in HawkClan with his sister Fallingpaw. His mother Nightshade was one of the best hunters in HawkClan, while his father, Lurkingflame was a great warrior. Both were highly regarded in the Clan and when they were expecting kits the Clan celebrated. 5 moons after Igniting's birth Nightshade died from blackcaugh. Ignitingkit at the time took the blow the hardest, he was a mommies boy and often times made time to be with his mother. Lurkingflame spent less and less time in the nursery away from his kits. 3 moons in his apprenticeship Igniting learned of his fathers new mate. At first he was disappointed in his father and disgusted with his fathers new mate, Shadowwhisper. He hated and avoided both his father and new mother.  When Ignitingpaw was 12 moons old he learned that Shadow was expecting kits and he was furious. To him he was disjusted by his father moving on so quickly, he was so mad that he attacked and fought his father. As a result of his actions he was held back from his warrior ceremony while his sister moved on. This made him even more bitter and angry. A few moons later ShadowWhisper gave birth to four new kits. Lynxkit, Leafkit, Hazelkit, and Patchkit. It was a month prior to this that Lurkingflame died to a boarder skirmish. Despite not liking his parents actions Ignitingpaw couldn't be mad at his younger half siblings and still grieved by his fathers death he slowly over time grew to love his siblings and Shadowwhisper. Shortly after Ignitingpaw got his warrior name.

Ignitingshade is an all over short haired black cat with piercing amber gold eyes. He is a rather large cat, getting his fathers size and muscle mass as well as his bad temper. Ignitingshade has glossy black fur and smells of roasted nuts and fresh cut hay.

Ignitingshade has a bad temper and one that easily sets off. He's like a ticking time bomb ready to explode and designate. He easily angered and will not hesitate to fight you. Ignitingshade can seem at times insensitive and dark with a brooding demeanor around him. Things often go in one ear and out the other. He's a trouble maker and loves fighting with others. This can make him unlikeable, but Igniting is loyal and protective of his friends and family. He adores his siblings and would die 100 times if it meant they are safe.

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Riot by Three Days Grace

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PostSubject: Re: Ignitingshade of HawkClan    Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:10 pm

My Characters:
Foldedleaf- Medicine Cat of Vultureclan
Crookedstep- Warrior of Owlclan
Lynxstride- Warrior of Hawkclan
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Ignitingshade of HawkClan
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