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PostSubject: Kit Request Code   Kit Request Code EmptyThu Sep 22, 2016 11:05 pm

Offspring Request Codes

Applying for offspring is a simple and easy process. However, there are a few rules regarding mating, adoption, pregnancy, and birthing so please make sure you have clearly read over these rules before requesting for offspring.

When making a request make sure you place the names of the parents and their ranks. I.e. Warrior Rowanpelt x Medicine cat Applebee. The parents of the litter may decide the number of offspring in the litter if they decide not to do a dice roll. Each cost offspring cost 50 FRESHKILL. After both parents post their information an admin or mod will review your application. Your application will be announced pending until you have paid the total amount of your fee for your offspring if you decided not to have a dice roll done. You can pay your fee with the code mentioned below.

The female will become pregnant and be given a due date as soon as your application has been approved. It is recommended that you get started on posting an adoption thread as soon as possible as you only have a month of being pregnant before your offspring are born. Any offspring not able to be adopted by the time of your due date are considered "stillborn". If you did do a dice roll and paid for all your offspring and they didn't get an rper, you will be refunded.

When filling out the description section in your application you only need to mention the size, build, fur color and eye color of the offspring and what their ancestors and parents look like. Offspring must look similar to either grandparents or their parents.

Payment Code

[b]How many are in the litter total?:[/b]
[b]How many are you buying?:[/b]
[b]Payment Fee:[/b]
[b]How are you paying?:[/b]

Filling out your payment should be easy and look something like this:
How many are in the litter total?: 5
How many are you buying?: 5
Payment Fee: 250 FRESHKILL
How are you paying?: Princess will pay 100 while Max pays 150 FRESHKILL.

Parents can split the paying fee in half long as you say who is paying what and come to an agreement on prices. Any questions pm Miss Mayhem or another admin.

Parental Information

Mother's code

[b]Mothers Name:[/b]
[b]Mothers Species and Breed:[/b]
[b]Mothers Age:[/b]
[b]Mothers Clan:[/b]
[b]Mothers Rank:[/b]
[b]Mothers Size[/b]
[b]Picture of Mother:[/b]
[b]Mothers Description:[/b] (keep it short; ie scars, build, fur color, eye color, etc)
[b]Three active threads:[/b](can be completed or on going, long as it has been active this current month)
[b]Partners Name:[/b]
(The username of your characters partners rper)

Father's code

[b]Fathers Name:[/b]
[b]Fathers Breed:[/b]
[b]Fathers Age:[/b]
[b]Fathers Clan:[/b]
[b]Fathers Rank:[/b]
[b]Fathers Size:[/b]
[b]Picture of Father:[/b]
[b]Fathers Description:[/b] (keep it short; ie scars, build, fur color, eye color, etc)[/b]
[b]Three active threads:[/b](can be completed or on going, long as it has been active this current month)
[b]Partners Name:[/b]
(The username of your characters partners rper)
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Kit Request Code
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