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 Rosethorn - Fiery hedgehog in a compact size

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PostSubject: Rosethorn - Fiery hedgehog in a compact size   Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:14 pm

Name: Rosethorn
Age: 25 moons
Gender: Female
Breed of Cat: DHS mix
Primary Clan: Hawkclan
Secondary Clan:Eagleclan
Wanted Rank: Warrior
History"I was born into Hawkclan along with my brother Thistlefang, our mother was a fine warrior named Scottishrose and our father was named Kiltfur we both grew up with him always getting into trouble and finding ways to prank others and me getting the blame as well as being the butt of most of his jokes. When we became apprentices he had little interest in becoming disciplined and continued to cause trouble whereas I knuckled down and learnt and eventually despite my small size began to beat him in our regular tussles. We were the only ones left in camp one day when the adults were all out when A badger stumbled into the camp and made its way toward the nursery where there were a couple of young helpless kits. My brother and I fought the creature until it fled, leaving me with many deep bites and cuts that became scars and my brother who had always slacked off in his training dying. He died after being given his warrior name Thistlefang and i received my warrior name Rosethorn.
Description: Small cat thats Bright ginger with lighter underbelly and darker ginger stripes, pale green eyes, tattered ears, completely covered in clawmarks
Personality: "Admittedly I have a quick temper, I get angry quickly and am slow to cool down, I place my pride in myself and my clan above my own well being and I get angry when others don't show the same love for the clan. I would sacrifice myself willingly for any one of my clan mates and if anyone ever becomes a friend I will always be there for them. I enjoy practice fights and coming up with new battle moves, I have an opinion about everything and am prone to muttering to myself"
Likes: "Warm patches of sun, brawls, tussles, showing other idiots whos boss, defending my clan and my home"
Dislikes: "I hate badgers, dislike is too gentle for them. I also don't like disloyalty among my clanmates, cats breaking the warrior code although i would break it to keep my clan safe. Im not a fan of the other clans either. I dislike showing weakness, or showing that I hurt"
Fears: "idon't like to admit that i fear anything, but if pressed, i fear failing my clan, loosing what I have left.  I also fear being ridiculed and laughed at"
Theme Song: Touch the sky – Julie fowlis
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PostSubject: Re: Rosethorn - Fiery hedgehog in a compact size   Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:21 pm

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Rosethorn - Fiery hedgehog in a compact size
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