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Welcome to Clans of the Sky! We have officially reopened! Be sure if you are an older member to state this in your bio, all current members we advise you to finish putting up your character bio's so it doesn't cause confusion to our new members. Roleplay is in full bloom! New member's if your confused about anything be sure to shoot one of the staff members a pm! We welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay! Last Updated: October 8th, 2016
The day's are getting short and morning's have more of a bite to them which means Leaf-fall is here and soon Leaf-bare! Hurry up medicine cats! Make sure you stock up on herbs and plants for leaf-bare, wouldn't want to have a green-cough breakout, now would we?
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PostSubject: Hollowbreeze of Eagleclan   Hollowbreeze of Eagleclan EmptyFri Oct 14, 2016 9:23 pm

(This character is from the previous website and used to be known as 'Hollowsoul', but due to that name being an unrealistic name with our newly improved standard, I have taken it upon myself to fix his name to a correct and realistic name. He will be known as Hollowbreeze*plus the new name doesn't sound edgy, really younger me? Hollowsoul? You used to think that was cool, that's just so cringey...*
Yes, he earned his half blind and scarred face from a different manner*those who were there*, but because how he originally earned his injury being incredibly cringey and makes me want to perform heavy self-loathing, I changed it. Since he was not created with his wounds previously, though, and earned them during roleplay, I am not required to buy the Disability Item from the Fresh-kill store)

Name: Hollowbreeze

Age: 43 moons, Senior Warrior

Gender: Male

Breed of Cat: Norwegian forest cat/Maine Coon mix

Description: http://www.skunkwire.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/cool-black-and-grey-cat.jpg
A massive white cat with smokey black points along his legs, face, and tail. He has soft sulfur colored eyes. He is the largest cat in the clan, his size being a great advantage during battle. During the battle with Lionclaw, he was struck and slashed all the way across his face. His left ear is completely shredded, along with his face bearing four scars going all the way across. His right eye was injured during this attack, leaving him half-blind. His blind eye is a milky, pale pink color, after being heavily injured.

History: This tom grew up with a perfect rouge family. But one day, his sister Shallow ran off and he followed her, to find his father slaughtering his sister. He ran back to see his father came back before he did and was telling his mother "Shallow was killed by a fox". The next day, the same thing happened to his brother, Quiet. His father threatened that if Hollow said anything he would kill him, so he kept quiet until one day, His father attacked his mother. His mother was slaughtered brutally, in rage the eight moon old Hollow attacked his father, killing him at his own game in revenge. The tom wandered for days until he was taken into Eagleclan, where he now remains.

Personality: He is a quiet tom, although not reserved. His scars and size always give him a scary and intimidating aura, although he really is just a big sweet-heart. His favorite thing is training apprentices, and has been a loyal warrior for a while, gaining respect between his clan-mates.

Clan/rank: Eagleclan Senior Warrior

Mate: None

Kits: None



~Main characters~

Purestar of Eagleclan(Leader)
Shywhisper of Owlclan(Medicine Cat)
Emberflame of Hawkclan(Senior warrior)
Shortstride of Hawkclan(Warrior Apprentice)
Sootblaze of Vultureclan(Deputy/Senior Warrior)
Patchstrike of Hawkclan(Warrior)
Quickpaw of Eagleclan (Warrior Apprentice)


Silentsong of Vultureclan(Warrior)
Hollowsoul of Eagleclan(Senior Warrior)
Brokenspirit of Owlclan(Warrior)
Swanflight of Eagleclan(Warrior/Queen)
Bloodstripe of Hawkclan(Senior Warrior)
Fawnleap of Hawkclan(Warrior/Queen)
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PostSubject: Re: Hollowbreeze of Eagleclan   Hollowbreeze of Eagleclan EmptyFri Oct 14, 2016 10:14 pm

Hollowbreeze of Eagleclan Freshk12

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